About SNPro.dev

SNPro.dev is run by Callum Ridley, a ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect who has been working in the ServiceNow space since early 2015, where he started out working as a developer for a ServiceNow customer in the UK. After a 3 year tenure at that customer, and the organisations lack of appetite to take the platform out into the wider business beyond IT, he realised it was time to move into the partner ecosystem, and that’s where he joined UP3 as a technical consultant in 2018.

Working at UP3 alongside some of the best players in the ServiceNow space, he’s gained multiple CIS & platform certifications (CIS-ITSM, CIS-CSM, CIS-FSM, CIS-SPM, CSA, CAD & CTA). He considers core platform knowledge as the number one skill required by any ServiceNow consultant/developer and believes that without this fundamental knowledge and familiarity with the platform that anyone wanting to work in a technical capacity within the ServiceNow space is setting themselves up for failure.

This blog is unlikely to focus on any ServiceNow product suite (ITSM, CSM, HR etc), but instead it will focus primarily on core platform features. It will cover topics of all different ability levels but may lean more towards the advanced side of things.

You will also find tools that Callum has developed over the years hosted here, these are mainly utilities that can help both develop on and support the platform.

Some of the posts you see here will also be making appearances on the UP3 blog, where you’ll also find other interesting articles and insights from his colleagues at UP3.

If you want to connect with Callum, you can do so on LinkedIn & The ServiceNow Community.

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